Montaigne in EBANO or ASH?? Please help!

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  1. Last week I have bought the Medium Campagna in black and I loove it! I have asked my SA if the color Ash is available for a Montaigne. She has found one in a other country and she has ordered this bag for me.

    I'm not shure if Ash is a good color or if I should buy the Montaigne in Ebano?:shrugs:
    I need a bag for all the year around and I wear often black, dark blue and red.

    Please help me Montaigne owners! And an other question: do you like the Montaigne. Is it a good bag to handle?

    Thank you and...
  2. glad you are so happy with your campana. i don't own the montaigne but think it is a great bag. i'm sure montaigne owners will chime in and give you their opinions.

    as far as color- both ash and ebano are really great colors. ebano is always available so you may want to go with ash. not sure if ash is becoming a permanent color. sorry i don't have better info.

    good luck deciding-
  3. Thank you Annie. I think Ash isn't available no more.
    I have sleepless nights: one day I think Ash is the right color, the other day I'm in love with Ebano...:biggrin:
  4. I love Ash color.... I will vote for ash :yahoo:

    I have a burnt orange Montaigne, used it throughout the Chinese Lunar New Year, it is perfect for the occasion.

    I have a sloane and a large veneta too, find Montiagne can carry exactly the same amount of stuff I have for the Sloane or Veneta and find that the squarish shape help to do away with a purse organiser. I can neatly put my stuff in there and to find thing easily inside my bag, which I sometimes is unable to do the same with my large Veneta.

    My 2 cents, hope this help.
  5. Ash or Ash Scuro? Two very different colors.
  6. My SA said thats ASH!:shrugs:
  7. I'm assuming you mean Ash Scuro, as I believe the Montaigne was only made in that, not Ash. I think both Ash Scuro and Ebano could be wonderful neutrals for you - I tend to prefer the taupe-y Ash Scuro myself, but I know others lean more towards the dark chocolate of Ebano... but really I think it is ultimately a personal preference and hope you therefore get to see both IRL before you have to decide.

    Ash Scuro is a seasonal colour and therefore when it is gone it is gone - I actually thought it was already gone because others had been trying to find an Ash Scuro Montaigne a while back and could not. That might factor into your decision - you should be able to get Ebano anytime if you end up wanting both but this may be your only chance for Ash Scuro.

    And as for the Montaigne and why I love it... I think aaa-1188 described it very well - it isn't a big bag but it holds as much as a bigger bag and with the wide base it is easy to keep everything organized in it. I love the proportions and the size and the shape and although I used to think I only wanted a shoulder bag, the Montaigne totally changed my mind on that. I hope you go for a Montaigne (in either colour) and love it as much as I do!
  8. Thank you very much BookerMoose! I have seen the Montaigne in different colors at the store, and I like the shape and the size very much. I don't like big bags for me.
    Last year I have bought a wallet in Ash Scuro, and I think the color is very versatile. Thats why I have asked the SA for this color for the Montaigne.
    I live in Switzerland, and here it's impossible to find a Montaigne in Ash (scuro). My SA has found one in an other country.
    Now I'm waiting for it, and I'll compare it with Ebano, which I like too.
    It's very interesting for me to hear your comments and your experiences with this bag. I like bags, which are easy to handle, lightwight, good to open and so on..

    Thank you so much!
  9. I think you won't regret getting the ash scuro montaigne. It is a beautiful taupe brown and an excellent neutral. You can always get something else in ebano later on.
  10. Ash Scuro! It's an amazing color...not the kind (IMHO) that strikes you fancy at first sight, but it gradually grows on you until one day you realize you're madly in love with it!
  11. Thank you all for your helpful answers. I can't wait the call of my SA when the Montaigne in Ash is arrived..
  12. I vote for ash too. I think it compliments the colors you said you wear very well. Let us know what you decide.
  13. Glad thatt you are getting the ash, it is one of my favorite BV colors