does it look like?

  1. Hi, How does the montaigne look like? Any pictures? Pls direct. thanks
  2. u mean the store?
  3. Is this the new epi style that is out?! Ugh I'm so behind on LV news, I would love to see pics too!
  4. Yes, it is the new Epi style that is out. ANyone know how it looks like?
  5. I like to know as well!
  6. Here you go... The PM is kinda similar to the trouville

  7. Thank you, biru!
  8. eek! Very similar to Jasmin, but I'd keep my good ol Jasmin than the newmontaigne.....
  9. I ordered the Passy but i think i'm gonna change it now.
  10. I like the Bowling Montaigne PM.
  11. I got it, I got it, the Bowling GM in white.....Yummmm....
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I got the Bowling Montaigne PM in black! Some info for those interested: the straps are long enough to wear on the shoulder over my not-very-toned arms. Although it's a bit bulky when you do that -- but I think not as awkward as the papillon 30 on the shoulder. The zip opens all the way on the sides but it is tougher to get in vs the Alma, but easier vs a Speedy IMO.
  14. I love the handbag montagine. Is it red or orange, it's difficult to see?
  15. Its meant to be red i think.