Montaigne bag-Magnolia or Quarzo?

  1. I've been struggling lately to buy a BV pink bag: don't know why, but am so much into pink now.

    I truly love the Montaigne bag though I understand that due to the ultra soft leather, it can slouch a little bit.

    The question is: should I get a Magnolia or a Quarzo? Both colors are gorgeous in its own way and obviously I can't buy two at the same time! ;)
  2. :shrugs: I am no help at all because I am in the same situation. I like both pinks because they aren't traditional pinks per se, and can be worn to work and other places I wouldn't normally wear pink. The quartzo has that lovely tannish hue woven in and the magnolia has a touch of peach.
    The reality is you could not go wrong with either.
  3. The Quarzo is probably more practical, being darker. Magnolia is gorgeous, tho. Decisions, decisions...........:confused1:
  4. Love magnolia!
  5. Tough call! Both are so beautiful. I have the Montaigne in Magnolia, and find that I'm very particular (paranoid) about where I'm willing to take it, and try to anticipate dirt, moisture, surfaces it might be placed on, etc. It does not have feet at the bottom, so keep that in mind if you plan on carrying it to restaurants, theatres, etc. That said, it's a lovely, soft colour that never fails to delight me.

    I'd considered the Montaigne in Quarzo, too, after drooling over pics of Koukanamiya's stunning beauty a few months ago. The Quarzo is definitely more practical, as boxermom pointed out. If you tend to be casual with your bags, prefer to relax and don't want to have to baby them too much, Quarzo might be the best choice.
  6. i'd say quarzo bec a tad more practical I think. I love magnolia but would be so stressed out about how it would look within no time - see in the celeb thread pics of Denise Richards' veneta. she obviously didn't baby it and WOW... love both colours though, so if you have got lots of bags that are durable and you don't mind being very careful when to use it, go for magnolia.
  7. I LOVE the Magnolia!!!!
  8. I don't blame you, gemibebe - what with the pinks offered, it's hard to decide!

    I am a lost soul when it comes to the Magnolia. Unfortch for me, I cannot handle light coloured bags, and so I can only lust after them. If you're like myself, and cannot take care of light coloured bags, Quarzo would be perfect for you, since it's still such a gorgeous pink, but it will def require less babying!

    G'luck with your decision, and let us know your choice! :flowers:
  9. Dear all, thank you so much for all your advice. Till now I still haven't made up my mind: personally I like the Magnolia a bit more, such a cute pink color. However, I'm not the kind of person who can babysit my bag so well (used to have a bright yellow bag from Tod's, but it's so dirty now). Therefore I do realize that Quarzo is a more practical choice.

    I'll keep you posted of my decision and if I'm lucky enough to get one of them, sure to share with you the pics and my view. :smile:

    Thanks again for all!
  10. I use my magnolia bag every day and the only place that shows any wear is the underside of the handles (which I am sure I didn't treat well enough before using).

    I'll clean it this weekend and take care of that issue though!
  11. Hi dervilfal, how long have you been using your magnolia bag? Also how do you clean it? BV bag really have superior leather: it feels so fragile...
  12. Hmm a tad over a month now - daily use (and I drive a convertible which adds lots of crud to my purses 'natural environment'). I use lexol leather cleaner on my bags, it works wonderfully for me - and I pre-treated the bag with Collonio (sp) at the advice of several others here in the BV forum :smile:

    Hope that helps!!
  13. Thank you dervilfal for the advice. I guess I have to see all those colors in life with Montaigne bag so that I can finally make up my mind right and there in the boutique ;)