Montaigne - Action Pics of Worn-in Montaignes Please....

  1. I've been reading so much on the beauty of the Montaignes and would really love to see action pics with a worn-in Montaigne.

    There are many pictures of your lovely new Montaignes but please be a sweetheart and pose with your worn-in Montaigne, won't you?

    Much grateful, thank you in advance.
  2. mlbags, i see a subtle intention/desire to acquite a montaigne?
  3. My 3 month old worn-in Montaignes really don't look any different than my new Montaignes - I don't carry much so they haven't stretched out or anything. And I would post action pictures to demonstrate this but I can't figure out how to do so without having myself in the picture... and I am just not brave enough to do that! Maybe if I hooked it over the nose of one of the beagles and had them stand still for the picture?!?
  4. bm,
    i would buy you a beer if you can get one of your beagles to stand still with a montaigne hooked on its nose!
  5. wow, i would love pics of bookermoose's beagles wearing her montaignes. especially since her montaignes match her beagles. i wonder if my lab will lie still with my montaigne next to him?
  6. my jack will never stand still for anything... the only time it stays still is when its asleep.... heeee
  7. hi mlbags, in response to your request for pics of worn in montaignes, here's lots of mine (think i got too shutter happy!). :tender:

    indoor shots
    montaigne indoors.JPG montaigne indoors side.JPG montaigne converted.JPG
    L-R: montaigne front view; montaigne side view; montaigne converted into tote

    outdoor shots
    montaigne outdoors top.JPG montaigne outdoors side.JPG
    L-R: montaigne top view; montaigne side view

    thanks for letting me share.
  8. btw, i've also noticed that the carmine has become richer and with use. i've attached a close up of the weave.
    carmine weave.JPG
  9. Oooooo :drool:
  10. BV members - you're the best! Thank you for the comments.

    ACA, thanks for the pics - gorgeous Montaigne you've got.

    BM, can you? Get one of your Beagles to pose with a photo of your Montaigne?

    Afraid I'm asking too much but I'm especially interested to see how a worn-in Montaigne looks whilst being hand-held and with your daily stuff in it. Hanging off one of BM's beagle's nose will be absolutely fine too!

    Kopibaby, yes I'm thinking most likely my next BV might be a Montaigne as I prefer hand-held bags, and I just love the simplicity and roomy-ness of the Montaigne. However, much as I like the shape and style, I've yet to fall in love with any of the colours at this moment - they (colours) are just not calling out to me!

    At the same time, I'm being cautious here mainly on how will the handles strain on the body of the bag in time to come. I exprienced this on my Roma where the handles strain on the bag, causing the top of the bag to fold in (ahh... difficult to describe, hope you get what I'm trying to tell!).

    So, please, if you have the time, post pics of your Montaigne being held up. ACA - care to do some modelling shots for me? Hope you continue to get shutter-happy and post lots of pics! TIA!
  11. hi mlbags, more pics as you have requested.

    here are shots i previously posted on how the montaigne looks with stuff inside, and when it's carried.
    inside montaigne 1.JPG carmine montaigne action 1.JPG

    here are shots of the worn in montaigne being held up by the handles while it is filled with my daily stuff. i have taken a close up of the handles in the 3rd pic so you can see how the handles behave while bearing the weight of my belongings.
    montaigne clothes hook.JPG montaigne door side.JPG montaigne door close.JPG
  12. aca,
    very pretty pics! thanks for sharing the pics with us.
    actually, your montaigne is still in a very good condition. (you mentioned somewhere that you actually used it quite a bit). its good to know that the leather is holding up nicely and i like how it looks even better with age and use. :smile:
  13. you are right. i have the same experience with my veneta as well. the leather just seem to get better with use and age...and it gets softer and softer....nicer and nicer to the touch....

    i may just end up sleeping with my veneta some day! ha!:nuts:
  14. mlbags,
    i think its the lighter colours coming in this if u are not into light colours, afraid u will have to wait till the next season! *gasp* thats like sooooo far away!!

    i am trying to visualise what you are saying about your roma and i think i get what you are trying to say...but some people are actually fine with the fold and they like it. but like you, i dont like it on a bag where it is not supposed to fold.

    well, you dont need me to tell you this. take your time to find the bv that speaks with your heart. just remember to share pics with us when you score one. cant wait for your pics! ;)
  15. aca,
    do you carry your montaigne on your shoulder? or is it only suitable for hand-held?