Mont Blanc

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  1. So I went to pick up my Chanel J12 replacement tonight and it rocks:love: After that my friend and I attempted to go to dinner but there was a half an hour wait involved. So we went downstairs and since it was one of the few boutiques still open, went into Mont Blanc.

    I swear, I have never been in love with pens until now. My X had a TON of those pens, and I always wondered...why????:wacko: But now I know! I used the 149 fountain pen and am in love:love: :love: :love: :love: :nuts:

    Does anyone have any of these pens and have and recs? I am looking to buy one, but am not sure exactly which style I want yet. I know I want a fountain pen, but want to make an informed decision before plopping down $1000+ for a pen. I saw a really cute one with a heart shaped pink sapphire on it, but it seemed kind of small. I'll probably go back there tomorrow or something and look at more pens, but if anyone has any info, it would be great :biggrin: :idea: Thanks!:biggrin:
  2. Being German, Mont Blanc is huge here. I've never owned one of their fountain pens myself, but plan on getting one for sure. I'm just too much of a technophiliac to even use my own hand to write. The keyboard does the job for me most of the day. But sooner or later, a Mont Blanc will have to rest between my fingers when signing the important documents in life.

    They're quite pricy though, definitely not something you replace once every week. Fantastic writing tools for sure.

  3. Between myself and my husband we have many. What do you need to know, what do you mean by "recs". I also have the mini Mont blanc filofax(have many), with the mini mont Blanc pen inscribed in gold with my initials. I love that the best. I bought my hubby the sterling silver fountain pen for our 7th anniversary. They are timeless. Even when my son of 2 years was born, he received one from his late grandfather. They are really special. I just got the Louis Vuitton pen in pale pink to go with my multicolor monogram wallet and matching Filo, can't compare it to the Mont Blanc though. If you want some pics, be glad to help.
  4. :::jawhittingfloor::::amazed:

    I never realized that these ran over $200.
  5. actually the special editions go up to $45,000 and more...
  6. Awesome pens.. but I unfortunately don't have one yet. I'm thinking of asking my parents for an engraved one as my graduation present.. my dad did his masters in France and got all into the brand while he was there. He has a few, but they're old and probably quite a bit less than 45,000!
  7. Pens are great. I used to be in the watch business and there is a HUGE correlation between watch collectors and pen collectors. Seriously, what else do men get to carry? There are cufflinks but that requires them to have the dexterity to put them on!

    At 45K, you are looking at something in a precious metal, handwork and likely some sort of stones. But at $1k or $2k, you're just at the high end of 'normal'.

    Personally, I have a green marble-ized Parker rollerball that I've had for about 15 years. I LOVE it. My 11-year old son recently (inadvertently) broke it. Its been successfully repaired but I don't let him forget what he did!

    Oh, yeah...since this is something you will likely have and use for decades, go with a major brand so repairs down the road aren't a problem. Fountain pens need regular servicing to clean the well of old, dried ink. Oh, one other thing...if you get a fountain pen, don't let anyone else use it. The nib will conform to the angle and pressure you use when you write. If you let other use it, I mean regularly, you won't be happy with it anymore.
  8. Thanks everyone! Yeah, those pens can get pricey. The SA told me that I just missed the $165,000 pen that was touriing. It was in their new catelog though and I must say, it was AWESOME, but if I had that kind of money to spend on a pen, I'd go right next door to Cartier and buy that brilliant cut yellow diamond ring instead :lol: And its $15000 less lol.

    I don't really want to spend over $2000 on the pen though. I'm not TOOO into pens right now and just basically need a starter pen. I'm considering a Mont Blanc or a Cartier. Does anyone have any Cartier pens? I was planning to go check those out as well. I saw some nice ones on the website.

    Also by recs I meant if anyone can recommend any specific one. I think I'm in love with how the 149 writes though, that one just felt the best. Unfortunately for me they don't make too many different styles in that model since its one of their classic pens and the SA said for that reason they tend not to make too many variations of it :sad:
  9. The 149 is fairly thick. That's not a problem but you'll get used to that size pen. After that, a Bic will feel like trying to write with a toothpick!
  10. Yeah, I just went to test it again today, I think that is definitely the one. It would be a good starter pen right? I just love the way it writes. I kind of want the boheme too though, but it doesn't write the same as a 149. Oh well, we'll see. Maybe I'll just get both hahaha :lol:
  11. I'd start with one. Its just that, beautiful as they are, a pen is a tool and you get used to just one. Once you are really used to the one, you might not want another.
  12. Very true, the writing experience with the 149 was great, and none of the other testers that were available matched it. Thanks for all the advice Issmom :biggrin:
  13. Are yall serious? I just think they are pretty to look at. But that kinda money can be spent on so much more.
  14. I'm with you....I write with whatever pen is available at the time.:P

    I lose sunglasses, pens, lipsticks, etc. too easily to spend a lot of money on a pen.:embarasse
  15. I've actually haven't paid much attention to Mont Blanc. Until now...hehe
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