Mont Blanc Jewellery Comments

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Just want to hear your opinions and comments on Mont Blanc jewellery & watches and i am looking at some items. Anyone has any, i'll love pics. Thanks and keep the comments coming. :biggrin:
  2. No offence, but I think Mont Blanc is really overpriced for what it is.

    Sorry, but last time when I visited the store, I was shocked by their prices.
  3. My husband has a Montblanc watch that he adores.

  4. Hiya, none taken, :biggrin: am actually quite curious how many will pay for their items other then pens.

    ya i was quite shocked by their prices when i went in but some of the items are quite tastefully designed, simple yet classy. so i am torned as i used to only use their pens and jewellery only from other brands..

  5. Ya, i like a few of their watches too.
  6. I have two of their rings that I wear everyday. I loved the designs. The one I wear on my LH was one of their diamond pieces and people comment on it often, wasn't much, around 1k (I think)? But we also bought them when they were first coming out. Not sure what they are at now (price increases and such)... My RH ring is the wish ring, I love being able to fidget with it at work (I do have the matching wish necklace as well, however I rarely wear it. It was our first piece of MB jewelry)

    HTH! :flowers:
  7. Agreed ! I love their designs, but the pricing is shocking ! :sad:

    With that being said, I have no problems buying their pens.. :graucho:
  8. I fell in love with the necklace Montblanc 4810 collection. My dad bought it for me as a wedding gift. Pricy but if you love a piece for it's design, why not?
  9. [​IMG]
    Here's the photo of the necklace. Yellow Gold. I just love it. :smile:
  10. Slegna, that's gorgeous :flowers:
  11. I have a few Montblanc silver items: ring,pendants,necklace,etc.I lost a silver cuff some time ago.I like the timeless,simple,and discreet look of their jewelry.
  12. Sounds great. would love to see some pic? :biggrin:

  13. You lucky gal :biggrin:. Your necklace is beautiful.

  14. Yup, i was attracted by it's simplicity and under the radar looks. :smile:
  15. Sorry for the Blackberry pics, I don't have my camera on me :shame:

    But this should give you an idea. (I'm a ring size 50 for comparison)

    The first one I was trying to get a side shot that showed the diamond placement as well. There is a small diamond in each of the "valleys" of the ring. It's shaped like the MB star. I get so many compliments on how different it is. I loved how it looks on.

    The second one is the wish ring, the two bands are waved shaped and spin so it has a really neat wave effect when wearing it. I have the matching necklace too, but I'm not wearing it today. I can take a picture later if you'd like.

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