SofaKing PuertoRican
Mar 6, 2006
OMG!!!!! Jane Fonda has the most beautiful white Birkin in this movie, it looks like a 25 or 30 it's so beautiful. Does anyone have a picture of that Birkin so I can drool some more?
I've watched this on DVD but never noticed that Jane Fonda wore a Birkin...Dang! :wacko: I'll catch it again if it's aired on cable.

Could someone tell me which scenes did she appeared with the Birkin ? :biggrin:
I thought the same thing about Jane in the movie. She looked awesome! Then I read a magazine a few months ago and it had printed some still shots from the movie. BEFORE and AFTER the touchups. I don't know if they were real shots, they honestly looked real because the clothing had wrinkles around the tummy area, etc... and it was corrected in the final shot. Anyways, it also had her neck a little more saggy and there were more wrinkles on her face. So I think she looks that good on the movie because they touched her up. Hey, I don't blame her!
Man, I watched the movie last night, had my camera ready and the remote ready to pause for the Birkin, but no birkin!! Did I miss something? In the beginning she had a white handbag that I thought was a Kelly, but I think it was a Cartier or something.
I don't think there was a birkin unless I was blind!!