Monster-in-law...need your love and advice

  1. I have respect for my Mother and Sister in law...I really do...and I wish the best for them...but I am starting to really have anger towards them...this might be I apologize....

    My in laws have a weird way of talking...that is kinda of most of the time, I just shrug it off...but this one instance is really making me pissed off...

    My Mother in law saw my new Prada bag and the matching accessories...she kept looking but said nothing. Then her daughter, my sister-in-law, kept looking too but was silent. Good, I thought....but then the MLL (mother in law) asked me how much most Prada was and then proceeded to brag about her daughters purchase and asked how I got mine. So I said through a internet that sold it for less and she literally had a quirky smile and kept at it about the price like if it was to expensive for me to purchase or something....

    Then the clincher was...the sister in law said that her bag was Gucci.....I knew it wasnt...but really wasnt I said with excitement "Wow", then she said "would you like to have it?" I didnt like it so I declined but said, "maybe I should check out your closet first and pick since you have so many designers" and laughed.....she then said...."Its not Gucci, its Banana Republic....see....just cause I said it was a designer you thought it was..." Then she kinda had the same quirky smile and it was so weird yet so insulting.....they both were like playing with me or something......

    I dont get them at all...since they have been seeing all my stuff latley...they keep making these hidieous comments to me.....give me your love!!!!!!!! and your advice...plz!!!!!!!:cursing:
  2. That's just weird. It's such bad taste to dwell on the price of other's belongings. You took the high road--good for you. Unfortunately, most times, there is no reward for doing the right thing. I think you handled it fine, but others may see something more and have good advice. Could they be jealous and trying to make you uncomfortable about your nice things?

    Sorry your in-laws are such PITAs.
  3. Thank is weird....thats why it is very disturbing to me.....

    It feels like as if I should not have those nice things...maybe b/c her son is making the money (but so have I by the way) that she doesnt want me to spend.....even though...she herself is soooo into designer stuff and jewlery...she is getting on my nerves.....and the sister in law is just like her mom so.....ughhhhhhh:hysteric:
  4. hello..
    I'm sorry for you girl! but then just ignore them I guess? you know you've done nothing wrong...yeah I don't like people who keep talking about prices of stuff are they besides tallking about your purses?
    and BTW, I don't see a problem with you spending your husband's money reasonably as long as he is ok with it right? hehe I spend my DH's money too since I haven't been working for a while now..hehe
    as long as your DH is supportive, that's all that matters!
  5. Thank you!!!!! :heart: Besides the bags...they are o.k.....its just that with anything they disapprove...this is their attitude...its like they gang up on me to make a point or make smart a** comments and it feels horrible....

    My hubby thinks that I can get anything I want on a budget that we are on..he has no problems about it......:yes:
  6. Don't let them get ya down. It obviously bothers them that you have such good taste or they wouldn't do that to you. I have co workers that think my Coach bags are too costly. Then the next thing I know they are handbag shopping. Enjoy your Prada.
  7. Perhaps the next time they ask you how much a bag cost, just tell them that you don't know, it was a present from your hubby?
  8. Easier said than done, but don't let them rain on your good taste! She was trying to get your goat when you knew full well her bag wasn't Gucci. Cheap shot on her part. Let it go and enjoy your bags. I know it would bother me too way deep down but we're with ya, GF! XXXOO
  9. Ugh sorry to hear this. they sound really mean..I admire how well you responded to them :smile:
    I don't respect people who like to show off about prices etc.
    you are family they should respect you, just ignore them.
    if she asks you for the price say you forgot :P show that you're just
    not interested in talking about it.
    your husband's money is yours and yours is his. they have no right to be annoyed if you spend any of it. it's between you and your husband.

    hold your head up high. you didn't do anything wrong :smile:
    there are weird people in this world and you just need to learn how to ignore them.
    try to avoid talking about this stuff and hopefully they'll quit.
  10. Bagluvluv - I absolutely feel for you ... that's why I stopped talking about bags with my inlaws. I never tell them the price and when they ask I always lie about the price. It's just easier that way ... if they think it's fake, I don't correct them as long as my DH knows it's the real thing (DH hates fake bags). I figure that those with the real thing will know my bags are authentic.
  11. sounds like they have nothing else better to do!!! keep your head high, your a bigger person than they are. i'm just so sorry you have to deal with these wicked women. my love goes out to you Bagluvluv :heart:
  12. Thank you soooo much!!!!!:love:
  13. I am totally greatful to you guys!!!!! Thanks a million!!!!!!:crybaby:
  14. Yeah, so true...will totally avoid the issue best I can....those wicked people...:yucky:

    Thanks for your support!!!!!!!:heart:
  15. Ignore them. They're just jealous because you have nice bags and they don't.