Monster frenzy!

  1. The lil monster makes me in love with my old Fendi tote all over again. I've never been so obsessed with bag charms before. Ah...I want more than one... :p
    IMG_20140311_131854.jpg IMG_20140315_170215.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!! Can I ask where you found 'him' :biggrin:
    I am looking for that colourway but am having no luck!
    Many thanks!
  3. I called the fendi boutique as listed in the Just search the store locator near you. They're more than happy to free ship the item/s to you. Any fendi boutique still has blue, red, and black.
  4. Ah thank you so much! Great plan - I had only been searching on-line
  5. Hope you find one soon. And don't forget to reveal it in tpf ;)
  6. Will do! Have called a few places today but they all sold out :sad: will keep searching though!;)
  7. So cute, I want one :loveeyes:
  8. He is so cute! I adore the bag bugs right now, I'm obsessed :smile:
  9. I just ordered the lil' chap with the red and yellow face and black fur - couldn't locate Snobius anywhere - so sad!:sad::sad:
  10. Saks emailed me that the red one is in and some of the other monster key chains. i ordered the red and pink fur charm but i wish the color of my 2jour(which is the bag i wanted it for) was a color that would go with the other charms as they are cheaper. i HATE my neverending need to match!!!lol
  11. These are around £700 each? Am I right? :smile:
  12. the one i got was 800 US ( not sure about conversion rates) LOL

  13. Is this one furigami?
  14. Yes, it is Furigami...