Monster bag!!

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  1. I got my Burberry Large Hobo today and my goodness, I have always said I like my bags to be large enough to carry the kitchen sink, but I think this one could hold a double sink!!!
    Does anyone else have one and what on earth do you put in there???!!!!!
  2. Lol, Congrats. post some pics
  3. Congrats! Pics to share
  4. Pics please!
  5. which one? I have some Burberrys but like everyone else said pics would help.
  6. Pics please
  7. Pics Please!
  8. [​IMG]

  9. Gorgeous bag .Congrats once again
  10. Love big bags! Please post a modeling pic!
  11. I love that bag.
    Whats the name?
    Modellin pics please
  12. That is a beautiful bag. I actually ordered it from Bloomingdale's in the cranberry. So nice but it was just too big for me so it went back. It is a big bag but leather is so nice.

    Enjoy it though, it is beautiful :smile:
  13. Ooh, I bet it was GORGEOUS in Cranberry!!!!
    It is the biggest bag I have ever tried to carry and I am NOT a little woman!!
  14. The cranberry color was beautiful. I just felt like the bag was too big for me but it took me a while to return it as I didn't want to part with it...

    I saw in the store a beautiful dark red patent hobo that was incredible. They make such nice bags.

    i have a bag in the smog is a really nice color, doesn't sound nice, smog, but it really is - it is like a greenish brownish grey color.