Monsieur Louboutin, s'il vous plait sign my shoe...

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  1. Ok, I'm super excited to need going to the SCP signing, but I don't know which shoe buy to get signed. Originally I was hoping to get a pair of taupe lizard VP's, but Jordon the SA says they don't have them there.

    If you could have any shoe signed by Monsieur Louboutin, which one would it be? I want it to be one that I'll never ever consider parting with, but worth the investment if paying full retail.

  2. Is it possible to get the taupe lizard VPs shipped to that store so you can buy them for the signing??? They sound like the ones you truly have your heart set on.

    I would get my purple lizard VPs signed ... but I don't know if that will ever happen :crybaby:
  3. I agree with Naked. It is the shoe where you heart is set on. So exciting!!!
  4. ^^ If I had purple lizard VPs, I would have them signed myself. They're my ultimate UHG but I dare not add them to my list because they are way beyond what I'm willing to pay right now.

    I'm with naked... it also wouldn't hurt to see if they'll let you order from the other boutique and give you a free pass the day of the signing perhaps?
  5. ^^ Ohh good idea! Maybe you could get them from the Horation boutique (i believe that is the one that has them right)?? And they could contact and other boutique and let you know you are brining them in ...

    It wouldn't hurt to ask and I don't know why they wouldn't let you
  6. Jordan is pretty awesome, ask him if he'd be willing to get it from another store for you. As for the shoe I want sign, I have an SO due to be delivered there in February so hopefully I can get it for the signing. Otherwise, I'd love to buy an exotic new simple, ron ron or decollete to get signed.
  7. how many pairs are you allowed to get Mr. Louboutin to sign?
  8. Ahh-eek! The horatio boutique does have my size avaiable and would be willing to send the VP to the South Coast Plaza. Now if only I could get a photo of side by side comparison of the taupe lizard and the nude patent, for color comparison...then I think I'll need to do something about it
  9. ^^^ I'm sure they would do that for you Cesee ... have them take a pic of the taupe next to the nude? ... I mean I sent my pictures of my Lizard VPs to THEM to make sure Bessy thought they looked ok because I was panicing lol.

    Let us know what happens!! :flowers:
  10. Do you think he would sign a pair you already own/didn't buy that day? I kinda want to get my decolletes signed.. plus I'm too broke to afford a new pair by the signing :crybaby:

    PS-- the nude lizard VPs sound delicious :tup:
  11. IMO ,the taupe lizard and nude patent VPs do not look to be that close in color. Are you looking for a match for your skin tone? Also, if you are choosing between the two, I'd have to give the edge to the taupe lizard VP. (That's only if you can't have both, because I do believe that they are both worth having.) I prefer the taupe lizard over the nude patent because it seems rarer and more HTF and at this point of my collection, I am more interested in HTF pieces.

    I've gotten my never been worn black patent Bezehelmuts signed two years ago and to this day I can still smell the sharpie whenever I open the box. Last year I had him sign my nude/gold VP. This year, I'll have him sign whatever I'm wearing and whatever else I bring. Since I'm traveling for this I am limited in my choices since I don't want to pack so many shoes.
  12. I think it will depend on if the boutique will be vigilant in enforcing that he will only sign what it purchased that day.
  13. #13 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    That's the issue I'm trying to wrap my brain around. I don't think it's ever possible to find an exact match in skin tone, but what I am looking for is a color that will give the impression of lengthening of the leg, as so often noted with the nudes. I'm caucasian and I tan well...if that helps explain.

    I've asked the SA for a picture of the two side by side, so I get a better idea how much they differ. When I only see the lizard in a pictue it's so hard to tell what the color is given the lighting, camera, surroundings,'s just a whole lot of money to spend on something I haven't seen in person. I think it'll end up being the lizards or nothing.
  14. IMO, any color lizard looks good IRL. The texture takes the beauty of a shoe to a whole new level. I understand the hesitation in making a big purchase (almost) sight unseen, particularly with the store credit only for returns. If I spend that money, I better be 100% satisfied with the shoe or be able to get 100% of my money back if I'm not.
  15. I'm kind of in the same boat. I do have a pair I purchased at SCP that I haven't worn yet; I'm going to try to call and ask if we can do that as well....will keep you posted.