Monsieur Louboutin is visiting CL Boutique Las Vegas today!!!

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  1. Yesterday, I was ordering some shoes from the CL boutique in Vegas and my SA (Lisa) said that they were going crazy getting ready for CL to drop in that evening or sometime today. She said that he is very good friends with Steve Wynn and he was going to be stay there for the weekend! Wouldn't that be amazing if you were shopping and trying on shoes then Christian Louboutin walked in??? You could say that you bought your CLs from CL himself!

    Also, the store has several HTF styles in stock, so you guys better get your CC ready to BUY!!!! Call Lisa 702-818-1650 their hours are 10am-11pm PST. They will even ship internationally.

    Black Patent Rolandos
    Red Patent Rolandos
    Nude Patent and Black Patent Privatta (with ankle strap)
    Black Jazz and Black Grease Pigalle 120mm
    Black Patent Decollette
    Purple Grease and Red Grease Decollette Zep (with platform)
    Leopard Satin NP with bronze heel
  2. I think it's great that CL is here, but not so great that I see there are black jazz Pigalle 120mm.
  3. I forgot to ask, what were you ordering? And were the decozeps with a silver platform?
  4. Does anyone happen to know how much the grease Decolletes are?
  5. Wait- do you mean red patent rolandos as in wine rolandos as in my HG shoe?!?!
  6. $690
  7. uh opened up a can of worms lol
    Im waiting on my SA in NYC to call me back now on those yellow Jolis lol
    But now those Rolandos sound yummy
    UPDATE: Saks NYC only has 40-41 in the yellow Jolis. Of course not my size :sad:
  8. Oh wow this sounds too good to be true (watch them not have my size)! All the CLs I have been looking for are listed! How much are the Rolandos and how much does the boutique charge for shipping?
  9. I had placed an order for the Purple Grease Decolzeps, they don't have the silver platform, the entire thing is purple... they should be getting here Monday!

    I love Vegas shopping!
  10. Oh and ground shipping is $15, I believe 3-day was $25 or so (I'm not too sure because I did ground...)
  11. Pretty :flowers: (and credit to a previous TPfer for pic)

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  12. Rolandos $610 and worth every penny I would say :yes:
  13. Ooooh, Duke, they are so lovely!!! Congratulations!

    I LOOOOVE Black Patent Rolandos! I so want a pair! But I just ordered my Simples. And I'm 5'10" to start with so every time I put on heels 4' and over my husband starts whining at me (he's an inch, OK 1.5 in shorter than me to begin with). So I have drooled for 1 year but never bought!
  14. Are the yellow Jolis patent or satin? Slide or D'orsay? I'm a 40!!!
  15. Red patent Rolandos sound yummy, but I still don't know if I can wear them.