Monsieur Louboutin himself!

  1. Hey CL Lovers of AZ...

    HE'S COMING!!!! :yahoo: My SA over at Neiman Marcus told me he was coming to the NM store in February! I'm Thrilled!!! She also mentioned that he will be bringing some new styles that from his future collection (summer?? f/w??) She didn't know too much, but told me she'd keep me posted... So I'll keep everyone else posted here!! I'm so excited!!!:p
  2. When you buy shoes then, he'll autograph them. Update us.
  3. OMG! If I had a pair of CL autographed shoes I'd probably put them in a glass box and display it like a museum piece!
  4. That is so cool. Hope he comes to Florida one day!
  5. I went to his appearance in San Francisco and you didn't have to buy shoes then and there. (Although I am sure the store appreciates it.) I brought shoes I already owned for him to sign. You will have an awesome time. Mr. L is an absolute sweetheart!
  6. lol i'll probably get a pair of CLs that i wouldn't really die for and get him to sign on them so it wouldn't be a waste to not wear them and keep them as display items LOL!
  7. LD that might be a great idea!! I would be too afraid to wear my shoes... I wonder if he'd sign the box??? :confused1:
  8. ^ probably! I don't see why he would refuse that!

    I wouldn't be able to wear shoes that he signed either. :smile:
  9. Wow, I wish I could visit my sister in Phoenix in Feb!