Monsieur Christian Louboutin & CLs

  1. Compared to all the pictures I've seen, this must be from waaaaaaaaaaay back when he first started:

  2. Wow, well he lost his hair early! :p His hair looks exactly the same now..but his face has definitely aged.
  3. Boy does he look young in that photo (maybe from the early 90's?)! And looks like he's come a looong way....I'm not too big of a fan of those styles pictured in that photo, but since 2002/2003 I've been in love with every single one of his collections.
  4. Wow, he looks so young!
  5. He is so adorable.
  6. Video from of Christian speaking about the relation of being on a trapeze and his shoe designs.

    Most memorable part:
    "I got seduced by a woman who was on a trapeze, the same way a man can cross a woman and looking at her and just through the way she walks, can be an element of seduction. I wanted to do shoes which are really just shoes for seduction, for pleasure, for s3x, that's it. this shoe you cannot run; you cannot even walk. you wanna run in a shoe, buy sneakers."
  7. "You wanna run in a shoe buy sneakers" I love it. Yet he still has designed some stunning (and sexy) styles that are stunningly walkable.
  8. Love this quote.
  9. He was so young in that picture....
  10. DAMN he looks so young!

    Those look like shoes from the early 80s..almost 70s. It looks like there are only two types of shoes in the picture.
  11. wow he looks young! anyone else notice that the shoes in the picture aren't beige on the inside like how they are now?
  12. Great quote - reminds me that sometimes, a little pain is worth wearing a pair of beautiful shoes. But just a little pain!

  13. He has such a baby face there. He is adorable and sweet.
  14. :lol: What a cutiepie!

    Thanks for posting, xnplo!