Monopoly Anyone??

  1. I saw that! Her org price was 99.95! If I bought it I'd want to open it and play though... not collect it. :P
  2. how cute!!! i would want to play it too.
  3. Cute!
  4. Yah, I saw this, too when it was listed for $99.
  5. that's super cute, I'd play it too!
  6. Oh it's adorable!
  7. It's really cute!
  8. omg that is sooo cute!
  9. OMG I hate monopoly I WANT IT!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh wow, Japanese?
  11. it's cute, but is everything in Japanese!!!???
    I'd want to play...not just collect it.
    But if it's in Japanese, I wouldn't be able to play!

    soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. :drool: It's very very cute :drool:
  14. I was in Japan last summer and the Roppongi Hills Shopping Complex had a whole store dedicated to Takashi Murakami. I got pins and little plush keychains. I bought the whole set of keychains because I didn't want to miss out. They is a neat.