Monogramouflage Speedy on LV Site NOW!

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  1. It's there if anyone wants to purchase at retail....:drool::drool::drool:

    supahot bag;)
  2. I can't decide if I want this bag or not. Might it be tooo trendy and look horrible wearing it a few years from now? I can't help but be really drawn to the bag, totally confused to get or not to get.
  3. Is this really a limited edition, or are they just saying that to build a buying frenzy? I bought one above retail because I couldn't be sure I could get one through regular channels, ah well, I will wear it in good health (God willing, that is)
  4. Everytime I see a limited edition on elux or the moment I want to buy it it becomes unavailable! I even got charge one time and received a refund for unavailability! I do believe they do that to build a buying frenzy. I ended up buying another bag so I guess it's working.