monogramouflage scarf... is anyone having problems getting this now?

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  1. Just been told that the waiting list for the scarf is very-very long by customer service. Not spoken to my SA - but what is it like in your store. A friend of mine wants one and I don;t mind giving mine if I can get a replacement when winter comes...
  2. oh better get the stock in right now! there is still one that appeared at the New Arrivals.. GO GO GO! As for me, my friend was able to get the last stock in a particular store in NJ.
  3. I want one, too - but the waiting lists are indeed very long (here in Germany, too)
    Guess, I have to catch one from ebay. :tdown:
  4. Eluxury has 18 of them in stock.
  5. Here in lies a problem...

    "eLUXURY currently ships product to locations within the United States only.":sad:
  6. Right, thats my problem too. I live in Germany!