Monogramouflage piece…

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  1. I found this on fashionphile this morning..... When I saw the title of the post I was hoping to see a bag, but this cardholder is cute too.

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  2. Okay, now THAT is kinda cool! camoflage embossed Vachetta; that's way cooler than what I've been seeing from the "previews" of the collection... :thinking: Hrmmm.. I kinda like that!
  3. So cute! Thanks for posting.
  4. Yes, it is cute! What was the price?
  5. I agree very cute:tup:
  6. Unfortunately I dont' know the price... hopefully it's not too bad b/c I think I want it.. :graucho:
  7. whoa, I like it!
  8. Oh thanks for posting. That looks mighty cute! :yes:
  9. That is so cute :biggrin: I love it!
  10. cute! thanks for sharing
  11. Thanks for sharing... that looks interesting. Wonder how the bags will look like.
  12. Cool - thanks for posting!
  13. It is very interesting!
    I wanna see some bags!
  14. I like! :yes:
  15. Dying to see the bags as well!!!!