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  1. I want to get this, and get it monogrammed:

    I know there's a way to do it through the website, but I can't figure out how!

    Is it just that this item can't be monogrammed? I mean, it's a sig stripe item.

  2. I would call and ask, maybe there is a way. I just had a wallet monogrammed (can't wait for it to get here!). But I pressed the "preview/monogram" button, which I don't see on the vanity case. Love the gunmetal by the way!
  3. I don't think that that one can be monogrammed :sad: Unfortunetly not everything in the collection was able to be due to wear/tear or something. I would call to double check though, because i'm not 100% sure if that one is on the list.
  4. Coach - Monogram Shop

    under gift guide :smile:

    there's your options for monogramiming babydoll, not too much, and ur's isn't on the list :sad: