Monogramming Multi Stripe Tote

  1. So I went up to the Wellington Mall last night in Lake Worth just for a change of mall scenery and I got the multi stripe tote. I love it.. but then I find out from the coach store it cannot be monogrammed? Is that true? Also the coach store said unless something is bought from their store it cannot be monogrammed.. it just does not seem fair..
    Is this true?
  2. I wouldn't think they could monogram that bag...because the stripes are actually "pieced" together...

    and, personally, I think with the multi stripes AND a monogram...would be a bit too "busy" looking.
  3. you can get a sticker yourself with your initials and put it on, plus it wont be permanent!
  4. multistripe, punch, and the baby blue color can't be monogrammed
  5. oh ok thanks..
  6. I'm not too fond of their monogramming.
  7. same here, it's not genuine (just stamped on).
  8. and the idea that it can only be monogrammed if purchased at their store is ridiculous. as long as it's an item that has a color that can be monogrammed, they'll do it (regardless of where it was purchased)
  9. I understand why the multi-color stripes can't be monogrammed, but I do not understand why they can't do it in punch or pale blue color ones.
  10. Its true you cant monogram the multi stripe one because the stripes are sewn on there indivually and the monogramming only if you bought from the coach store is true. I have the stripe pouch and i asked my local SA about that and she told me i would have to take it back to the dept. store and repurchase it from them then it could be monogrammed and it would take like a week or 2 to come back. But i didnt do it. too much trouble.