Monogramming: Do You Do It ?

  1. I personally only monogram my stationary.

    Do you monogram your towels and linens ?

    How about clothing: robes, coats ?

    What do you monogram ?
  2. I'm thinking of getting some towels monogrammed, but I don't have anything monogrammed currently. I did have some cheerleading bags monogrammed with my name QUITE a few years back, but nothing now.
  3. I monogram some of my shirts and pencils. But that's about it.
  4. my towels and stationary
  5. I know some people get monogrammed tags and sew it onto the back label of their clothes...I'm in college so clothes always get stolen from the laundry room. I've gotten designer jeans stolen :sad: It's something I've always wanted to do, but it seems like such a hassle!

    I'll be buying some dress work shirts and I'll definitely be monogramming those (around the cuffs).
  6. Nothing right now but would love to have my Speedies done when I get married.
  7. I love my monogrammed towels. I have several sets~they were wedding presents.
  8. Stationery and towels both (but not all towels). Some have my 3 initials and some just have my first name spelled out.
  9. I kept my name after I got married. My initials are the same.

    I absolutely love monogrammed things.
  10. Usually stationery.
  11. I love monogramming, my son and I have the same initials so really it's all about my obsession with him LOL!
  12. Stationary and throw blankets.
  13. no i don't although i was given pillowcases with my name on it..
  14. I LOVE monograming!!! soooo cute. I have tons of tote bags done (Ralph Lauren, L.L. Bean), towels, and blankets.

    My sister is sitting with me and says I should get my panties done incase I loose them. (haha, she's actually done it before!) (monogram them, not loose them) lol.
  15. does writing your name in black sharpie marker on the inside label count? LOLOLLL omg that made me laugh, I used to have to write my name on ALL my clothes when I was in college so that my girlfriends wouldn't/couldn't steal my goods.

    as for monogramming, nope I don't do it, probably because I am so flippant with whatever is "in" at the moment that I am known to sell, trade, ebay or give away whatever is not in current rotation in my life.