Monogrammed Items

  1. With monogrammed items, where a single initial is used, is it a person’s first initial or last initial that is used? With monogrammed items where all three initial are used, with the largest initial in the center, is the largest initial meant to be a person’s last initial with the first before it and the middle after it?

    I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help me with this...
  2. I don't know the proper etiquette, but if you're using just one initial only, I would use my first initial of my first name when monogramming an item. But, if you're using three initials, then yes, the last name initial is in the center and is the largest initial and then first initial is on the left and the middle initial is on the right.
  3. ^If it's for an individual, first initial. If it's for a whole family, last initial.

    ^ Yes :yes: It's always bothered me, but that's the proper way.
  4. I agree with claireZk. If only one initial is used, it's the person's first name. If all three initials are used, the initial of the person's last name is the largest in the center, offset by the first and middle initials on either side.

    Are you ordering something? If you're uncertain, or just want to double-check the SAs should be able to help you.
  5. And if the person has more than one middle name, tell the sales associate. Items can usually accomodate up to five letters.