Monogrammed Alligator Cuff by RL

  1. [​IMG]

    OHHHHHHH I love this

    what do you think about it ???

    I love bracelets :shame:
  2. Yeah...but they're Ralph's initials, not mine!
  3. Have you seen the cuff by Tod's? I have a few, and love them!

    I found one one eBay (to show):
  4. Cute :biggrin: I like cuffs but I don't have room for them with all the crap I wear on my arms.
  5. I have a Tod's cuff that has stitching that looks sorta like baseball stitching (my son is an AMAZING player). Its brown croc with orange stitching. It doesn't scream baseball but I know what it means to me.
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