Monogram Year Round?

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  1. Hello all! I just purchased my first LV handbag and am patiently (well not really) waiting for it to come in. Here is my you typically wear your monogram handbag year round? If not, what do you change to during spring/summer. Thanks ladies!!!!
  2. All year.. it goes with everything ! :yes:
  3. Oh yeah the monogram is an all-year-around bag!!
  4. the Monogram Canvas line is definitely a year-round line :yes:. it goes with everything
  5. Due to our Canadians winters, I only wear Monogram during the Summer. The rest of the year is time for Damier and Mono Mini Khaki TST!
  6. year round life round:biggrin:
  7. definately year round:yes:
  8. Yes, all year round.
  9. year round!
  10. All year round.
  11. year round no doubt
  12. Definately year round for me. We don't really have a winter anyway - just a slightly less hot summer.:lol:
  13. Year round!!
  14. Yes, year round except maybe on rainy days
  15. Of course, mono is year round!