Monogram with brown leather.

  1. Do they still make bags with that dark brown leather that does not patina?
  2. damier bags handles don't patina.
  3. The cross-grain leather handles and trim that was used on the Papillon 30 and 26 are no longer in production. I believe that style of leather was discontinued in 2002.

    Very vintage LVs had a lighter treated leather - Saks 5th Avenue items, French Company items...

  4. Thank you very much.
  5. I bought a mono bag recently from a consignment shop with a date code that specifies 2002 production. Was there a certain colored thread used for the handles during that time?
  6. I like this grain leather I saw one papillon a while back on let-trade
  7. i thought they are only using it on the damier...didn't know that it may have been used with the mono too...
  8. Not that I am aware of... can you post a pic?
  9. The Damier has the chocolate-brown cross-grain or smooth leather

    Some Mono items have had a number of leather changes over the years
  10. I know that the papilion in mono canvas used the cross-grain leather but I believe they discontinued that along time ago... i think aside from the older bags, you will only find vachetta on the mono and either smooth or cross-grain leather on the damier (ebene)
  11. I havea pap 24 with choco leather straps and a dark brown leather on the inside. It also has a brass plate witha mongram name. It is very old. I wish Lv would re introduce the older styles from the 1970's and 80 with the quality/ And forget this trendy overpriced merchandise.
  12. There are some special edition mono bags with dark leather.
  13. Sounds interesting... can you please post pics? I love to see it!
  14. I wish they would make the dark leather agian.