Monogram with age.

  1. What does everyone think about the way the Monogram line ages? Is investing in this line a mistake?
  2. What do you by "age?" The patina? Oops. The patina is part of what defines a truly authentic and classic LV piece. They are, actually, an investment. Especially when you consider how much prices have increased in just the past year and half. You always have to consider how you're going to use the bag. Is it an everyday bag? Do you only want to use it on special occasions.What's your climate like. Do you get a lot of snow and rain, etc. A lot of considerations, here. Some people like to see their bags turn black really quickly, so they will use it day in and day out, so it will age more rapidly. Others baby their bags and it's quite possible to see bags that are a few years old look new or close to it. You have to think of your preferences. It's possible you would choose another line, but the monogram line seems to have the most reasonably priced items.
  3. Deff. not a mistake... but i think leather would be more durable... mono. is high quality and it is the reason why the price tag is higher than cheap leather bags..for this canvas bag...
  4. it ages gracefully :P
  5. yep...ages classy lady! the older it gets..the better looking it is!
  6. VUITTON looks better with age, IMO!:love:
  7. I can't stand the whitish color of new Mono leather. I always "tan" my new Mono bags.
  8. Absolutely.... :heart: I have seen women carrying vintage pieces that look like new...
  9. as long as it's a louis vuitton, I'll like it! (except for certain bags/accessories that I just can't stand) As other PF members have mentionned, some ppl like their bags to patina quickly while others don't. I personally think that we should just carry them according to our daily needs and NOT try to carry them obsessively (or tan them under the sun) just so that the vachetta would darken quicker. It's better to enjoy EACH stage of the patina.
    To answer your second question: YES, it's always good to invest in LVs cuz they are timeless. The quality is superbe and you really get what you pay for.
    Now whether you LIKE the monogram canvas is another thing, cuz eg my mom hates it cuz she thinks it's too loud and boisterous. Iono...people have diff tastes:biggrin:
  10. YES! as long as it is cared for I think LV tends to age very gracefully.
  11. My 1986 Speedy has aged very gracefully!
  12. Here you go..this is my mom's Speedy 30 from late 1989, early 1990. I believe the bags look better with age..
  13. I think the key is to care for the handles in the beginning. Let them patina without getting them dirty. I saw a woman at the mall with a speedy 30 mono and the handles were literally black. it was awful. If they patina without time they will stay beautiful.