Monogram - who started it?

  1. Everyone is splashing thier monogram across a bag - gucci, guess, coach etc. But who started it? Did Gucci in the 60's????
  2. I think LV was the first when they started their handbag mono line in the 1930's, I think it was? I could be way off on that, though.
  3. Nope, Chloe, you're right. I'm 99% sure that it was Louis Vuitton.
  4. Louis Vuitton started making bags back then but the monogram soft canvas wasn't invented until 1959 I think. The monogram itself has been in use since 1880's I think. A woven monogram could be older than that. Not Gucci, huh?
  5. I think it was LV.
  6. nope, not gucci, it waslouis vuitton.

    they were actually the first leather goods company to put their name right on the product, in plain sight; not just on the label. this was an effort to deter counterfeiting in their early years.

    ironic, because that same monogram or logo that was put in place to trademark their items led it to be the most copied
  7. yes it was louis vuitton but most people do not know that the Damier canvas was the first pattern the company came out with in like late 1880's than in 1890 something came the monogram .. and that is funny how the effort to stop conterfeiting like 100 yrs later is what lead to it being copied ...but overal some monograms need not be made for example Michael Kors/ New York and company and XO XO
  8. Thank You!
  9. The LV monogram was created in 1896. Like Coachboi said, it was to combat counterfeiting. It's pretty funny when you think about it.
  10. You're right. Most people don't know this. I learned this last year from my LV SA.