Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket Style to choose?

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I think I've made my decision! I want the Wallet with Zip Pocket:



My question now is what style to get it in? Should I get the monogram logo (want this just because I only want 1 LV item and the monogram is a classic), the damier (it's more subtle about branding), or the epi-leather in mandarin orange. I think I actually like the mandarin orange color the best, but do you feel the color might be too bright and go out of style very quickly? Also, does the epi-leather have problems with easily scratching or getting dirty very quickly (especially in the orange color).

I would like to order from eluxury to save tax. How quickly do they ship and what method do they usually ship by (regular USPS, UPS, etc...). Are their exchanges or refunds very easily done? Is there any restocking penalty fee or returns or exchanges?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm completely brand new to LV and this wallet costs a fortune! Thanks!
I had this wallet in the mono and loved it!!! I only sold it because I bought the SAME wallet but in Indigo Vernis and totally love it too!!

How about looking at it in Vernis? They don't have it on Elux, but you can call 866-Vuitton and see if they can find you one in frambiose or red???
i just got this wallet!!! waiting for its arrival, can't wait! i think it's GORGEOUS in the monogram canvas. i saw three ladies using it IRL which prompted me to do some research on it! definitely get it! (:
I've decided! It's the mono it is! But unfortunately, is out of stock of this model right now :sad: How long do you think before they restock? I want to buy online to save taxes and free shipping. What other trustworthy store sells this model?
You can call 866-vuitton and they'll check to see if any stores have it in stock. As long as you live in a state without a LV store in it, they won't charge you tax. You would have to pay shipping though.