Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket Question. Ayuda!

  1. I love the look of this wallet.
    Mono Wallet with zip pocket (a.k.a. Pochette Wallet, I think)
    Can anyone tell me what the depth of this wallet is when it's closed (filled with money, credit cards, etc. inside)? Is it 1 inch? 1.5 inches? Or 2 inches?

    I'm thinking of getting the groom one. But, if it's as bulky as the PTI, I'll have to think about buying something else.

    Thank you!
  2. I would say about 1.5 inches when completely full. I even carry my checkbook register and checks (no checkbook cover) in the front large pocket and it closes nicely. :smile:
  3. Yes, I agree. I have this wallet too and fill it up and it's only 1.5 inches if that, wide.
  4. Thank you!! 1.5 is manageable.
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