Monogram vs Damier, which one is more durable?

  1. I read on LV website about product care and this is what it said:
    Monogram canvas is lightweight, supple and strong. Completely waterproof and highly resistant to surface scratches.
    While for Damier canvas, it said you should be careful not to scratch your product and avoid shocks.
    Does it mean that Monogram canvas is more durable than Damier? For anyone who owns Damier bags, do you ever have any scratch on your bags?
    I own only Epi and Monogram bags but plan to buy Damier Speedy.
  2. I have both, and so far they are the same : )
  3. Thank you alistar :smile:
  4. I have a Damier Wallet from 10 years. It still looks new and I don't see any scratch.
  5. Both are very durable. I think the only difference is the patina problem. The damier is darker so you won't have any problem with that but you may have problems with that with the mono
  6. I agree ;) that's why I want to buy Damier this time, thanks ;)
  7. I've both... and they are almost 7 years old.
    i think monogram look a bit older than damier.because LV is faded.
    but generally i couldn't see any differences!!!
  8. same shizzle!
  9. I think the Damier is more durable because of the darker leather trim. The lighter leather on the mono turns darker over time and soaks up stains.
  10. I have both, the mono has the vachetta leather which one has to fuss over to avoid water sports and staining. The Damier has the ebony brown leather which although is a great all-weather leather, it can show scratches more easily than the vanchetta. Both canvas are very strong and durable, I have pieces in both mono and damier that are vintage and they both look fabulous! I own a damier speedy 25 and love it!
  11. does anyone have any mono over at least 3 years and would like to show some pics as to how the patina looks? that would help me in deciding if i should get my mom mono or damier. thanks!
  12. Here is a pic of my 14-year-old Mono Alma. (The Vernis Houston in the back is 9 years old and the straps are much, much lighter.)
  13. Both durable, but you have to deal with patina in mono.
  14. Me too;)))
  15. Is that normal that I have scratches on the corners of the toile of my Keepall 45? And the brown coutures all around it are like shucked. It seems like it have been rubbled... But I'm really careful with my baby! Have you some ideas?