Monogram vs Damier Compact Zipped

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  1. I can't decide whether to get the monogram or the damier compact zipped wallet. Can anyone help me decide???? Thank you!!!
  2. I like both of them! Go for the one you like best! x
  3. Either choice is stunning! You really can't go wrong :smile:
  4. Damier.
  5. Is the mono compact zipped wallet still available? I thought it had been discontinued.
  6. :useless:
  7. I have one in Damier and I really like it. But I have to say that it doesn't hold very much.
  8. thank you to all those who replied. sorry i didn't have any pictures to post.
  9. I prefer the damier one ! But what bags do you have - and are you concerned about the wallet matching your bags ?
  10. I agree!
  11. all my bags are in monogram so i wanted to try something different and was leaning towards the damier. but now that someone had mentioned the monogram compact zip is discontinued, i may be interested in the monogram as it's still available in stores. for those who have the damier one, is the leather part easy to stratch?
  12. Nezumi, I'm not sure whether it has been discontinued or not. I have just assumed it's no longer available because I haven't seen it anywhere in ages.
  13. I believe the monogram compact zipped wallet still available. I bought mine by October of last year . And absolutely love it.
  14. In fact I still see the damier zip compact at eLuxury. But not the monogram, so I'm not sure about this.