Monogram VS Damier ?? about leather tab

  1. Ok I have a 25 speedy monogram made in USA
    Then, my 25 speedy damier azur is made in France.

    Why are bags made in different locations?

    Also the 25 on the mono underneath the strip is easier to see, where is the damier 25 is more difficult to see.

    Does anyone notice this as well?
  2. I have a Damier Speedy 25. If I look for the 25 under the leaf I can't find it. If I just take a quick peek it seems as if it's there. Really weird.
  3. I checked under the tab of my Damier Speedy 25 and the 25 is easy to see. It is however printed a bit closer to the edge of the tab though.
  4. I find it more difficult to see. And like Guilty pleasure says Ilook quickand i see it,, and if not it is difficult. WEIRD