Monogram Vernis ??

  1. I am thinking about getting either a Brentwood in White or a Beford (white or Noisette) but I am just a bit unsure about whether this line will be suitable for a middle aged woman :shame:
    Do you think some of the styles is only suitable for younger girls ? or do you think I can keep on carrying those two bags when I am 40 ?
  2. No! Especially not in those colors! My mom (who's in her 50's) got the beige Houston when it came out, then got me the Fuchsia Lexington for graduation. She also got the Marshmallow (light pink) Petronia and got me the Framboise Houston. While I admit most of the vernis bags we have are mine, she borrows them from time to time and looks great with them. We even have matching wallets lol...we each have Peppermint and Fuchsia Porte Tresors. So nope, I definitely don't think it would be inappropriate..if you love it, go for it!
  3. ^^^ I agree!
    Age is a state of mind- if you love them, get them! And then post pics.
  4. I agree, all that matters is that you love it. Go for it!
  5. Love it! Noisette is my fave Vernis color! (besides bronze)
  6. I agree with the others, I say buy what you love :biggrin: .
  7. I think the Vernis range is great, but its really up to you (if you are comfortable carrying the bag)I think the Bedford will look great on anyone regardless of their age :smile:
  8. now I am convienced I should get a Vernis Bedford.....but what colour :cry: i think white is a stunning colour, but most of my clothes are black or dark colour so I would say beige colour is more sensible ?
  9. Noisette is gorgeous, but I say if you're daring enough ;)...consider red or indigo! I absolutely adore the vernis line and have gotten my hands on every color but the yellow. The red and indigo colors are simply elegant and classy, yet totally fun. Plus it's neutral enough to go with just about everything.
  10. jdy324: Theres a yellow thompson street on ebay right now :smile:

    kumar2006: The vernis line is one of my favourites and the colours you're considering are pretty 'tame' so you won't have to worry about looking out of place. I think the brentwood would be very handy and comfortable to wear. I adore the bedford but because I heven't tried it on, I don't know if the straps are long enough to wear on the shoulders? Anyways, if I had to choose between the two, Id go for the bedford. The shape is too cute!
  11. I went to LV yesterday and tried the Bedford, the SA showed me how to wear it on my shoulder with just one strap, its very handy, but I think it would be a bit hard to wear it on my shoulder if I was wearing a big coat !
    now..the hard part is what colour am I going to get !! ??
  12. Haha oh no, no more! :lol: I've actually sold off most everything :cry: I'm keeping my fuchsia pieces, but I've still got to get rid of two more lexingtons. Vernis is my weakness, so don't get me started again! The only thing keeping me from buying more is my hopeless desire for a Balenciaga! lol :P

    On a side note though, have you seen the darker yellow pieces? There was an eldridge on eBay a month or so back, it was TDF!

    OH and kuma- are you considering only current colors? Cause bronze might be a good choice as well :biggrin:
  13. Oohh, the 1 strap idea is interesting! It never crossed my mind. I'd go for noisette/beige! Since its a neutral colour you can match it with virtually anything. The white is nice for winter (cheesey haha!) but I'm afraid of staining. Oh yes, Ive heard about the problem with colour transfers for the Vernis line. I think the patent leather is rather sensitive. You might want to ask the SA for advice on maintainance and storage. :smile:
  14. jdy324: The fuchsia is TDF! I love the metallic bits in the colours... (I THINK there are metallic bits, I couldn't have been that drunk? :P) I had no idea about the darker yellow pieces! How many types of yellow are there? I know they have the baby yellow... could you tell me what colour is this? Is it yellow or beige? The seller insists its beige but Im skeptical! :cool:
  15. ^^^ This wallet looks like DIRTY yellow. :lol: