Monogram Vernis

  1. Do you think which color is better between amarante and Pomme? :supacool:
  2. I have both....and I really like both.
    If you're contemplating buying...I would get Pomme first because they'll be gone in the very near future...whereas Amarante will be around for awhile.
  3. i prefer amarante. but as twiggers said, pomme is about to be on its way out. also, some members say that amarante shows fingerprints easily. don't know if that would sway your decision.
  4. I like both as well. But I do agree to get the Pomme first as Amarante will be out longer.
  5. Amarante! Amarante! Amarante! Although Pomme is almost just as edible :p
  6. Pomme not so sure on the Amarante myself I saw the book today and it said pomme is now permanant!!
  7. I haven't seen the Amarante color IRL but my vote would be for Pomme d'Amour, it's just gorgeous!
  8. My favorite is Framboise but if I have to pick between Amarante and Pomme d'Amour I'd go for Pomme. It has a nice sparkle. To me, it looks like candy apple red. :yes:
  9. I havent seen Amarante irl yet but i love Pomme it's so pretty!
  10. Pomme is my favorite!
  11. I prefer pomme but I love red!!
  12. This is hard because both colors are absolutely stunning! I have the Pomme Brentwood and the Amarante Summit Drive and each have their own spectacular attributes.

    I'm not sure how "permanent" Pomme really is since it's really up to LV's discretion to pull the plug on Vernis colors as they've done in the past, so perhaps play it safe by getting Pomme first?
  13. I like both, but the downside of each are:
    Pomme - red doesn't go with too many things I wear
    Amarante - those fingerprints!
  14. Um.....I have been considering to buy a Reade PM for a very long time. I didn't like any other style of vernis bag but the problem is I have to choose only one color as I wouldn't buy the same bag in diff. colour( except speedy). Still couldn't make the decision !
  15. POMME!!!! I love the colour, I stare at it and it feels like i could just melt into the colour it's so rich! Please don't tell me it's on its way out I have still yet to buy my pomme rox... :sad:

    Any confirmations as to how long more we have (or I have to save up?)