Monogram Vernis--The Bedford

  1. i have it in Perle and i :love: it. i'm trying to get a Marshmallow one too. it's not a practical everyday bag, but it's very pretty:tender:. i use it only when i'm going somewhere i know is relatively clean.
    bedford.jpg bedford 001.jpg bedford 002.jpg
  2. I love how they look, but don't like carrying one. It's hard to get in and out of -- the zipper scratches your arm and it's very stiff IMO.
  3. Thank you both
  4. I have the peppermint vernis one and like yeux said, it's pretty but not practical. I love the color of mine and use it occasionally but as an everyday bag...not so much. It knocks into things and is hard to get's a nice bag for going out to dinner or something though.
    100_5342.jpg 100_5343.jpg
  5. Here is my Noisette!
    Vernis Papillon1.jpg Vernis Papillon2.jpg
  6. I love my Bedford and feel that it could certainly be an everyday bag. I guess it just depends on one's personal taste. I love it when I am dressed either down or up. Maybe it's just the fact that I love vernis.

    Sorry that she's in a group shot, I'll have to take some single pics later.
  7. GoldenLeopardLady, every time you post that red bucket I :girlsigh::tender:

    I had a bedford and sold it for the reasons mentioned above. It is a PITA to get in an out of and I bruise/scratch easily so I don't need a bag that contributes to that. I also didn't like that it was just a big empty tube ... it took me FOREVER to find things in it!

    Here are some photos of my old one in Lavender though ... look at all of these colors tPF members have! :biggrin:
  8. I :heart: your peppermint bedford! You are so lucky to have found one! Truly an amazing color!
    OT: what a neat way to display/hang your bags!

    I have a framboise bedford and I share the same sentiments as everyone else, but I don't regret a moment having it in my is truly a beautilful shape and looks amazing in any vernis color! :flowers:
  9. I have a fuchsia bedford. I loved it at first, now I'm not as in love with it as I once was. Not sure why. I guess I just need to carry it more. I had the handles and body straps replaced by LV because I wanted it to look new.
  10. ^^ It looks gorgeous! How much was it to get everything replaced? I've seen a few bags on ebay I like, but the handles are dirty and I've never looked into getting them replaced.
  11. Aww thanks!
    I got it when it first came out! Actually I got all my Peppermint pieces from eluxury, come to think of it. I don't remember seeing it ALL that much in the stores. I think I only saw the Bedford twice in my store.
    And as for the display, my friends always laugh at me about it. One was like, "some people put up posters on their walls, you put up LV bags!" :lol:
  12. Thank you so much anotheremptysky! I'm just so glad that I can finally take and post pictures. I love that this board is so visual. It's a good thing.