Monogram Vernis questions

  1. Hi all, here are my questions:
    1) Are Monogram Vernis products durable?
    2) Are they easy to maintain?
    3) Is the flat pouch (in Pomme d'amour) discontinued? I think it was out on LV stores for Valentines? Is it roomy? I don't know the dimensions...
    Thanks in advance and pardon my total ignorance.
  2. Yes I find them pretty durable and easy to maintain the only problems are with the really light colours or the early colours they are more likely to have colour transfer so you have to baby them a little more.

    The flat pouch is discontinued (yes it was for Valentines) there is a very slim chance you may be able to find one in store but it's worth a phonecall,
  3. color transfer from the bag to the clothes or the other way around? I like the bright vivid colors but most of my winter coats are light colored, now you frighten me...
  4. ^ Transfer from items onto the bag.

    I would just avoid the pearl myself although it is gorgeous!
  5. I'm interested in Pomme d'Amour items !!! I also checked the LV site and read all the guidelines for taking care of this series, and realized they are not as hard to maintain as others!
  6. sorry...
  7. monogram vernis is definitely durable IMO. it's easy to maintain and you don't have to worry much about dirtying as much as the other leathers. i also think it depends which color you get, but i have the tan color and i haven't done anythign to maintain it since i got it. i have the tan color wallet and my grubby hands touch it all the time and it's still great. if that can last, the purse will have no problem! HTH! :smile:
  8. Can I throw in another question about monogram vernis - how well does it resist scratches and scuffing? That high shine looks to me kind of delicate for everyday use. (Plus, I have five cats ... not that I keep my bags where they can get at them, but scratches seem to appear out of nowhere.)
  9. I :heart: this wallet! I was lucky enough to get one this year and I still drool over it every time I use it! It really doesn't fit much, mainly credit cards and a couple of bills, but, I'm glad for this since I was carrying around way too many things in my wallet anyway.

    I will warn you though that I did get a little bit of color transfer onto my pomme flat pouch. I guess it was because I kept my black Loewe wallet and my pomme flat pouch in close proximity to each other when I used it in my Thompson street or my Damier Sophie. So, now I just carry my pomme alone in my purse with my cell. But, the color transfer isn't really obvious unless you really look at it. It looks more like a darker shade of pomme on my wallet that even my husband says I'm overreacting!

    Good luck finding the wallet!

  10. I have quite a few vernis bags. I don't see scratching as a potential problem. The biggest problem, aside from the color transfer, is if you get a pen mark on it, you will never ever be able to get it off. Otherwise the vernis is pretty durable.
  11. I was considering the flat pouch to keep my id, 1-2 cards, and a few bills, and maybe receipts, in one place...
    I don't carry to much stuff with me anyway, usually my bags are half empty ;)...
  12. Thanks Janey. That's decided me then ... I love the look of vernis but had reservations about how it would hold up to the odd bump and scrape. If that's not a problem, then I'll be buying. :smile:
  13. I have the Reade PM in Pomme d'Amour and I absolutely love it! I also have 2 cats but never noticed any scratches from them on the bag. The bag is very durable and I have never experienced any color transfer either from the outside or the lining of the bag. However if you are getting a Vernis piece like a wallet then you might want to be careful as that can be scratched easier by items inside your bag - such as keys.

    Good Luck!!!