Monogram Vernis lovers, tell me about your colors!

  1. I'm thinking of making some Vernis purchases, leaning toward at least the small agenda and Lexington in Perle. Thinking about the Reade PM in a color. Any suggestions, tips, anyone with the Perle and having problems????
  2. i have a Perle Bedford, and so far i haven't had problems. i've been warned about color transfers and the like, but i've been careful enough not to get that.
  3. Hehe I have Bronze and Silver Vernis.I'll opt for a darker colour vernis cos I've used my Bronze pieces more than the Silver. Right now I like Indigo:tender:
  4. [​IMG]

    I don't know the name of the color, but I bought it about a month ago.
  5. Wow,this colour is Noisette I believe:tender:
  6. sooooo pretty, it looks like it could be the older beige from the way the picture got the color but it's probably noisette.....I'm REALLY loving the perle so I know I'm going to get at least the small agenda in it, I think it would look sooooo cute in my pink Chanel and my pale aqua Marc Jacobs from years ago that I still love to death.....and I want something that I can put credit cards and notes etc. in all together....

    I've been wanting a Lexington for many years and I just never bring myself to buy it, it barely holds anything, especially compared to all the other pochettes, it's funny, times I've been ready to buy it, the sales associate will actually talk me out of it! for something else of course which I wind up loving probably more.....anyway.....the agenda will be a go and then I need to decide Lexington? Reade? color? one, the other, or both???? Thanks, I'm trying to plan out my Hawaii purchases........
  7. Like the Indigo too! I actually have one Vernis item, the beige pochette cles that I've been soooo amazed by, I would use it pretty hard and it still looks great, not so sure the perle will hold up as well, but........I know if I get the Reade I will do it in a darker color becasue you can't get it on your shoulder and it will rub against my jeans.
  8. I have red reade..I love all the color from vernis line..
  9. Yeah, Indigo is TDF!!! I am just curious but do dyes from jeans get transfered too? I wear jeans a lot but it never happened.:shrugs:
  10. I've heard it can, but I figure if it's old jeans the dye won't be so strong.
  11. yep, I've been told by LV associates that they've had many customers come in with ruined light vernis bags from dark jeans......I'm a big jean person and I buy them dark and often..........I'll never be able to keep track of which pair is washed enough times so that the dye won't transfer, and sometimes it doesn't matter how old they are. I have this problem with the leather seats in my car too...... My mono mini josephine wound up getting stained from jeans, but since it was a fabric I was able to get the stain out, but I've heard they really can't do anything for the vernis....
  12. Nope, you can't really do anything about color transfers.
  13. I have a Perle Reade. It still looks brand new, except for the spot where I left my water bottle in the bag. The expiration date transferred to the inside of the bag haha
  14. It's funny, I was in a Louis store the other day, with a not so great sales associate, I was asking her why they have no indigo vernis and she's was telling me it's not a good seller......I'm not so sure about that, and I hate dealing with these negative sales associates! It's sooo much more fun making purchases like this in CA and Hawaii, they are sooooo much nicer and excited to have nice customers. In NY and NJ they often act like they're just doing you a favor helping you at all.....I'll even go out to PA rather than a store closer to me b/c they're nicer. They did just open a new Louis store in Atlantic City which will be my closest location, I'll have to check it out VERY soon!
  15. Do you use your perle read as an everyday kind of bag or just for special stuff, tell me more.....and how is it looking with the handles darkening???