Monogram Vernis, Houston or Brentwood

  1. hi there,

    does anyone here own either the Houston or the Brentwood? And can anyone tell me more about the Brentwood? I am looking at purchasing the Houston but discovered on Louis Vuitton's website a model which seems very similar to the Houston called the Brentwood and I have never seen this one yet. Does anyone know when this handbag debut? Thanks for all your help, it is greatly appreciated!:flowers:
  2. I have the Houston but have seen the Brentwood in the boutique. :smile: I don't know when the Brentwood had its debut but it is more like a tote so it is bigger than the Houston. I think if they had the color of my Houston in the Brentwood I would have gotten that instead of the Houston but I tend to like bigger bags.
  3. The Brentwood launched when they released the Framboise Vernis color earlier this year. Rebecca (LVBabyDoll) has the Houston, she has two of them actually. I think the two bags are very similar, but the Brentwood has and adjustable strap. Hope that helps.
  4. I have the Brentwood. I debated between the brentwood and the houston, the brentwood is a bit bigger and the straps are longer and adjustable. I know people will say I am crazy, but I even had the shoe shop punch an extra set of holes in the straps, so I can use it as a hand held too.
  5. Wow thanks for the info! Very useful... I guess the only thing I can do is to take a look at them in the boutique and see which one I would like to carry! I will check out the LV Clubhouse and see if there are photos of either of the handbags!

    Thank you Laria, Michelle and Twinkle!
  6. The brentwood is slightly bigger I think but I don't like the straps. I like the houston's straps and shape better.
  7. How does the vernis wear on these two bags?
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