Monogram Vernis Cles in Pomme D'Amour... BUT...

  1. bah!

    ordered a pomme vernis cles online last friday and it got delivered to me today! KUDOS to the quickness.

    BUT. (i hate this word)

    got home opened the box eagerly!!

    took out the cles. and there's a line just right above the LV word. it doesnt look like a deep scratch but resembles a scratch anyoldhoo!

    its a long line too! about 5 cm at least! :crybaby:

    am i just being anal? its my first vernis and my first cles. or is this normal? :sad:
  2. it shouldn't be any line/scratch on vernis. Definitely exchange it! :flowers:
  3. I agree! You paid for a cles WITHOUT a scratch, so you shouldn't except anything less. Did you get it from Elux...I've had really good experience with them with returns/exchanges.
  4. Aw you def return it!
  5. Returned it - sounds like it was possibly used and returned?
  6. thanks everyone for replying!

    charleston-mon - used? i hope not! but its a really long mark too.

    traci - nah, i ordered it from can you imagine! what's going on!

    and i was tracking it via fedex as well. bah

    im really feeling quite upset.

    now after thinking about it for 10 mins. i just remembered its out of stock in the shops. which was why i went online to order it. just checked online, and it says OUT OF STOCK.

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. (sorry everyone for my hysterical form, im not usually like this. i promise!)
  7. I've got a pomme 4 key holder that I've used a lot and it still looks perfect - no scratches. Sounds like maybe when they opened the box someone wasn't careful and possibly scratched it then at the warehouse. I would definitely return it. I though maybe you bought it from Elux and I am afraid of them - partially because I see so many people on the forum using bags from Elux and then returning them - I don't know how careful the warehouse is about sending the bags back out after they've been returned. A lot of people have complained about getting bags with crumbs in them, scratches. The bags from louis vuitton unfortunately, from what I understand, come from the same warehouses, so it's still possible it's a returned item. Do you have an LV close by where you can go get one?

    Our Charlotte, NC store has the Pomme Cles in stock (I saw them on Saturday) - maybe you could order one from there. Jeremy is a really nice SA who might be able to help you. Then you could return the other one and still have one right away.

    Good luck!~
  8. I say return it. If it is truly meant to be, then another one will find YOU.
  9. charleston-mum - thanks for the information? does elux stock their stuff from the same warehouse as LV? REALLY?

    unfortunately no. i mean yes. i have a store near me. but no, im not in the US. im in edinburgh, in scotland. the last I checked there's no stock though. hmm.

    fingers crossed though!

    the cles came from france - i know because rem? I was tracking the delivery really closely. heh

    anyone has any experience when you want an exchange but there's no stock?

    can they order from other shops internationally? if not, what happens? :confused1:
  10. I'd definitely exchange it!
  11. exchange it for sure, dont accept it cos you will be annoyed for as long as you have it.
  12. You're not happy, and for the $ you spend you should be. Even if you can't get another pomme cles right away, you should get one that's perfect. Return it.
  13. I don't know how international shipping works - I don't think that they do that from a store in the states unfortunately. If you're in Edinborough, it's probably different as far as stock than here in the US - so you may be safe. I'd still return it and ask for another one - I mean it's about a $250 item, right? That's a lot of money for something not perfect. May not be a lot by LV standards - but it you think what you could do for that money for something else, it's still a good chunk of change. I would ask them to get you another one.

    Is it really really visible? I suppose if it's no too bad, you could keep it - but I agree - I think it would bother me and make me upset every time I looked at it. It's one thing if I make the scratch myself - I can handle that - LOL!
  14. I would contact them and see if another is avavilable. If it is perhaps they can hold it until you can exchange the damaged one. I would want a perfect cles, so by all means return it!
  15. Sorry to hear about the scratch. What a hassle. I'd say return it and tell them to locate a new one for you.