Monogram Vernis Amarante Bags/Wallets

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  1. Went to LV stores today (even though it raining hard and very cold) to view/see the Vernis Amarante and Amarante accessories, but got disappointed.

    Their system says they will be getting this week (no delivery of new items as its bank holiday).

    Has anyone seen them IRL in the UK?

    Only saw some seasonal polka dots bowly bags (blue, white) and the canvas bowly (dont know the name of the bag)
  2. Hi, my SA in the Bond St store told me they'll be instore in JULY (boo!), but if you've been told this week, that's fantastic news!!
  3. Don't feel bad, I don't know if anyone here in the US has seen them either.
  4. i was told today by the end of the month.
  5. I thought it was not til July as well... hmmm. LOL my bag fund is not prepared for this news...
  6. oo this is good news...i hope canada gets them by july my bf hinted on getting me a vernis wallet for my birthday (it's going to be pomme or amarante) but i want to see both before i decide

  7. last saturday i went to my local boutique here in NL to see the new Amarante and they didnt have it in yet,my SA said they will be getting in this week ! i also asked me SA abt the black denim and she said they dont have any info yet....did your SA tell you anythings abt the black denim ?
  8. Amarante Bags/Wallets,
    Never saw any of it when i previewed all the new bags (Pre-Fall 2007-2008)
  9. i hear mid june
  10. i went to lv today, didn't see nay.
  11. Well I hope they are in because spoke to my SA yesterday and he said it should be here for tomorrow for me to collect!

    fingers crossed.
  12. I was in yesterday and my store didn't even have anything in to just look at.
  13. omg July!? I hope not! I was sure the manager at my boutique said mid June!? Im going to ring tomorrow to see if/when I can pick up the Sunset Blvd, its not on x
  14. I'm so impatient :O
    I want to know if it has sparkle in the vernis or if the vernis is more flat.
    If anyone see it in person please please let me know :smile: