Monogram Underground S/S 2010?

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2010
    I see the new range is the Monogram Underground, but what is this bag:

    I can't see it on the LV website anywhere.
  2. Honey I'm pretty certain that's a fake. :smile: And that's a delicate way too say it.
  3. How can you tell? But anyway, what is it called? Any ideas?
  4. Definitely fake.
  5. Why is it fake? I only wanted a name for my picture collection. Why has it been removed!?? It's only a picture.
  6. You are not allowed to post picture of fake items here, so they removed your picture.
    Guess Lv never made anything like the purse you posted, so can't give you a name..
  7. Oh. How was I supposed to know it is fake?! Why would a fake picture be removed anyway? I'm sure they have made this bag as I have found it on here:
  8. Don't feel like you are under attack. :smile: It's nothing personal, the reason they removed the picture is because people use this forum as a reference and assume all pictures to be of authentic bags. And since we all know we don't read all comments, they remove all pictures of fake bags except for the pictures posted in this thread which is just for posting fake bags.
  9. LV Underground does indeed have to do with LV: It is an undergound store in Tokyo. I have been there and I do frequently here that term rolled around in the industry. As for the bag, I didn't see it, so oh well.
  10. underground meaning illegal or physically a store at a basement level?
  11. All this because I wanted to know a name. :smile:

    How come it is allowed in the blog then?
  12. When you search the LV site for Monogram Underground it brings up the 2010 bags, so I just presumed that was the name of that leather type.
  13. There is a bag called underground. Elle McPherson has one in the mastique color. You can find a picture in the Celebrities and their LV-thread. Your picture was a replica of that bag. It also comes in a light creme color, so the picture you showed was of a fake. It was never made in that color and the details were wrong too.
  14. Phew. That's all I wanted to know. Thanks. That pic can go in my fake category then. :tdown:

    Is there any link to an original description?