Monogram Trunks And Bags Agenda

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  1. SA called to tell me that 57th street/5th avenue in nyc has gotten one in. i'm like :push: i just bought the azur one, i didn't think this one would be in stores so soon. plus i didn't know if i wanted this or damier trunks and bags, or azur. she left me a message letting me know they put one aside for me. when i call back to speak with her she's on the floor and can't get to the phone, but i ask the rep on the phone how many they have in stock. ONE. one freaking monogram trunks and bags agenda in stock, and they put it aside for ME! i asked her how many they originally got. shipment says ONE. i feel SOOOOO special that they would automatically think of lil 'ole me and put it aside! she said they would hold it for two days, but i am going to speak with her tomorrow and ask if she can hold it for me until saturday. if not i will put it on my card and then just return it if i don't like it. i have not used my azur yet thinking maybe i'd like this better, but what do you guys think? i mean i will have to see it in real life before i make the exchange (and of course will) but i'm so afraid i'm not going to be able to make a decision. if you were choosing between a monogram trunks and bags agenda or a damier azur agenda, which would you choose and why?
  2. t&b .. its just soo cool!

  3. is it really??? what did you think of it?? i'd be going up to new york to take a look at it...
  4. i LOVE how the logo is a little off-set like its not dead center and it is soo cool i didnt get it ONLY because i need a med. or lrg. size for my handwriting otherwise it wouldve been mine! trust me vuittonamour you will love it and if NYC doesnt work out for you i know KOP has it!
  5. ahhhh i think i need to go look at the logo on the lil pochettes does the logo go around the binding or no? or is it just a little off-centered? i'm not sure i would like it if it doesn't go around the binding...i wonder if it is coming out in damier with the red and if i would like that better. look book pages say december but i just can't wait that long...
  6. Oh gosh, get the T&B! Where can I find pics of this, they're not on elux or and I didn't even realise they were making them?! :yahoo:
  7. Oh tough call...I'm sure it's way cute...But got to say I love Azur more!
  8. i saw it in the lookbook pages posted on like pg 112 and 113 in the reference thread. look hard for it and you will find it. i asked them about it maybe a month ago and they didn't have answers for me. sure enough the pages were true to the release date.
  9. it doess wrap about 1/2-3/4 around its awesome!
  10. ^^^^^^^^ ahhhhhhhh!!!! uh ohhhhh lollll.
  11. the denim one was blue and *i think* it had a koala clasp
  12. Thank you, VuittonAmour, I'll dig it up and post here for all to drool over. :tup:
  13. Can't find it! :push: Did you mean the Visual Aids thread? None of the reference threads have that many pages, and I've been back through a few of them in case your view is set to less posts-per-page but still can't find it. :sad:
  14. Well, at least it's being held for you to visually inspect, before you buy it.
    It will probably be a limited style, like the grooms and koalas, so keep that in mind.....unlike alot of people on this forum, you seem to have a very good SA....Good luck deciding !!
  15. AHA! I was in the wrong thread. :push:

    Damier T&B Agenda PM:


    Shame the pic's so small, I'd love to see a 'real' pic of it..