Monogram Trouville

  1. hey everyone..i was just looking thru the visual aids thread and searched the forum and cant seem to find really anything on the trouville! any of you have it and can post pics of you wearing it? wuld b relly helpful! thanks
  2. I don't have any pics, but I just wanted to say that I love :heart: this bag! So classy. I'm looking forward to seeing photos too.
  3. I though JoJo posted a pic of hers in the Visual Aids thread? .... lemme check....
  4. Nope I am a moron hers is a Douville :shame: .... hehe oops! :Push:
  5. there are pictures of people with the Multicolore Trouville though, if that helps at all.
  6. There are lots of pictures of the monogram trouville - do a search (advanced) under trouville (and click on search entire posts) - I found most of the pictures under the regular threads rather than the visual aids - I hope that helps! I love this bag - the handles are too short for me though - looks like a toy on me.
  7. Ever since I started noticing the Trouville I've seen a handful of well-patinaed ones on the streets... It's a gorgeous bag but a little too structured IMO. Nonetheless a classy bag.
  8. i love the trouville. i think it looks very classy.