Monogram Totally MM or Monogram Neo Neverfull MM

Feb 8, 2009
Hi everyone.

I currently own the Totally MM in Monogram and was so in love when I bought her... however, I am really disappointed with the quality. I bought her in 2014 from the LV store, and used her for less than a TOTAL of 2 months in the last 1.5 years I owned her. I noticed about 7 months ago the thread came loose where the vachetta straps were sewn on to the canvas. It was worse on one side than it was on the other.

Long story short, I brought it into LV and since I hadn't even owned it for one year yet, they replaced the chapes? for free. The SA said I shouldn't hang one strap off my shoulder when reaching into the bag. (Guess I will always have to set it down to get something out of it from now on if I ever use her again). Mind you, there is barely ANY Patina on it, and therefore it looks pretty new. What upsets me the most is that I BABY my bags. I absolutely DO NOT carry anything heavy in my bags. I carry my makeup bag, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and receipts. Ever since I got my Totally MM back from repair, I am so afraid to use her because my fear is that this will happen again and then I will be screwed cause I'll have to pay $400 to repair the straps again.

Sooooo, after that long explanation, as much as I WANT to love my Totally and use her and travel with her, I am sooooo afraid. Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else's Totally? I am seriously considering selling her so I can purchase the Neo Neverfull MM in Monogram since I already have the Neverfull MM in DE and it has been my workhorse bag since 2012. What would you do? Thanks in advance.


Life is short. Buy the bag.
Jan 3, 2008
I have a Totally MM which I purchased when it was first released. I think that was 2008, but I'm not positive. It's my work horse travel bag. I do not carry it daily because to me, it's enormous. I love my Totally and it has aged beautifully. I prefer Totally over NF (I own a Mon Mono Neverfull MM).

It sounds like you aren't happy with this bag, and you want something else, so I would sell it and get a bag you will like better.

Good luck!