Monogram Tivoli vs. the BV. Help!

  1. Eversince I saw the pictures for the monogram Tivoli I am kind of second guessing my BV purchase. Should I wait until the Tivoli comes out in November or should I get the BV instead.
    What do you guys think?:nogood:
  2. Go with the BV. :yes:
  3. I like the BV
  4. To me they're two totally different I'd buy the BV now and the Tivoli later...
  5. i like the BV
  6. I really like Tivoli in those ads, I would wait and compare.
  7. ITA! :tup:
  8. Hmm.. IMO You can't really compare them.... I agree, get the BV now, and then when the Tivoli launches, you can decide then ;)
  9. You obviously want to buy either one or the other....I just saw the ad for the Tivoli too last night and I really think that you should get that one instead. It is prettier I think!
  10. I really like the Tivoli too! If you can, wait until it comes out and then make your decision.
  11. Get the Tivoli. It is much prettier IMO.
  12. Go with the BH now.
  13. I like new Im with the Tivoli. The BH, just never did it for me, not even in dentelle.....
  14. Tivoli!! I think it's really pretty!
  15. They are two very different bags. If you want a hangbag, then go for the Tivoli, shoulder bag then the BV. Personally, I would go for the BV first and then grab the Tivoli when its released.