Monogram Teddy Bear Brooch w/tags?

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  1. For those of you who have the monogram teddy bear brooch, can you tell me if they come with any kind of tags? A friend of mine just received her red monogram teddy brooch which she ordered thru 866-vuitton but it arrived without any tags. If it is suppose to come with tags, do you think she should contact vuitton for them? Do you think they would just send out tags? :confused1: Thanks!
  2. I've got the red and brown bears and they each came with a tag and a care booklet.
  3. Thanks Tammy. Were they purchased from the recent collection. If you don't mind me asking, how long ago did you purchase these? I know in the past they were available as a set but don't know if this new collection (though the same pins) just do not come with tags and care booklets.
  4. Yes, they are from the new collection. I ordered them through 1-866 this past July.
  5. i've got the turtle and bear set from last year's and they never came with tags nor care booklets. only the vachetta backing and a dark brown drawstring pouch. does it really matter if you don't have the tags? is your friend reselling it on eBay?
  6. Thanks again Tammy.
    Deluxeduck -no intentions to sell brooch in the future. Was concerned only because brooch has a few scratches (perhaps from people handling it) on it, a permanent finger print and two air bubble holes (the size of a tiny pin hole). Debating on having it returned for an exchange. Finger print may have been during production because the gloss finish is on top of it (print cannot be rubbed off) and the holes may have been air bubbles that formed and then popped.
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