Monogram Tate, and general information about tate needeed!


Sep 27, 2006
Hi everyone!

I couldn´t believe my eyes when I read that tate will also be realased in monogram canvas. I love the shape of tate in pics, but I haven´t seen it irl.

I was now wondering if anyone knows when will the monogram version come out? Because if I have to wait that several months, then I´ll probably get damier.

And those of you who have tates, which one do you have(mm/gm) and why?
I would like to know how much does the smaller one hold?
And does A4 paper fit in the GM size?

I have already looked through the tate club etc but I haven´t found the answers.

Thanks in advance ladies!
Aug 12, 2008
I have the Tate GM in Damier and just love it - whenever I wear it I cannot stop staring at it - I got the GM as I wanted to use it for an everyday shoulder bag.
I think the MM is kind of an odd size as it's really not small enough for an evening bag but yet not big enough for an everyday bag.

The GM is a great size for any everyday bag but I don't think it would find A4 paper - it's not that big and also too because of it's hobo shape -- maybe the Hampstead or Saleya or Galliera are better for A4 paper but I love the Tate because of it's hobo shape, zipper closure, adjustable shoulder single strap and the gold plaque - not too many LV's have all of these features in one bag.

Sorry I have no pictures to post and I don't know when the Monogram version will come out.


Jun 15, 2008
Better pics of both Tate GM and PM :


Enjoy guys !!