Monogram Steamer Bag ~ discontinued sizes?

  1. I was flicking through my copy of Louis Vuitton -The Birth of Modern Luxury and noticed that page 278 shows an image where a number of Monogram luggage pieces are present, including 3 different sized Steamer Bags. I've also seen an image from a vintage (1989 or so) Le Catalogue, where three obviously sized steamer bags are standing side-by-side.

    From what I can tell, the largest Steamer, has 8 horizontal interlocked 'LV's, the medium (the current 'standard') has 6, and the smallest has 5. Also the small steamer is a row of 'LV's shorter than the larger two.

    Does anybody know the history of the steamer bag/what different sizes have actually been made in the past, as catalogue items/or when these may have been distontinued?

    Thanks in advance ;)
  2. The only steamer bag I know of that's currently being produced is the 45. I believe other sizes available in the past include the 50, 55, and maybe 60 and larger, although I'm thinking they may still be available for SO.
  3. Thanks for the info :smile:.
    What I'm really curious about is the size down from the 45 (35/40?). I'm hoping it may be a SO possibility (In Damier), and that it is in fact shorter than the 45.
    I love the Steamer for it's form, closure, foldability, but it is too big to be a practical weekend bag for me, and it's so tall, it almost scrapes the ground when in my hand :hrmm:.
  4. I used to have two steamer bags but sold the bigger one. I think I have the smallest one. I measured the bottom and it is around 38cm. The size is brilliant-small enough so that it is not too heavy to carry but big enough to get everything for a short trip inside. The next size up could hold much more but needed to be checked in and got sometimes too heavy for me.
  5. Oh, Londonholly... would it be possible for you to post a photo of your 38/40cm Steamer here? I'd really love to see it :smile:
  6. I try to do it tonight!
  7. Oh, please do :girlsigh: Lots and lots of pictures :yes:
  8. Sorry, haven`t had the time yesterday but will do so tonight!
  9. I love the steamer bag.
  10. Do they make it in a 35 0r 40?! I saw a SO Epi one, and I am planning on one, but only if I can get it in size 35 or 40, the 45 is just too big for me.
  11. I am very sorry that I haven`t posted the promised pictures-they will come shortly, hopefully tomorrow, I am just too tired and have to learn how to post and watermark them first...but I can already tell that when I am standing and holding the bag, it is not touching the ground (I am 161cm high). There is plenty of space to the floor.
  12. An Epi Steamer? Wow. I'm surprised that a SO in Epi would be possible, considering the bag is designed to be folded and unfolded with normal use, and through Epi is flexible, I wouldn't have thought it was THAT sturdy :hrmm:

    My dream steamer would be a trianon canvas body with Nomade leather :drool:

    Londonholly > that's ok. But I will keep an eye on this thread with baited breath:yes:
  13. well the Epi steamer folds but it's not going to look very good ofter a while if you fold it alot becuase it is leather. I mean the original monogram steamer WAS meant to be folded when not in use, but I dont mind keeping it non-folded and in my bag closet as space isnt too much of an issue, but yea it was GORGEOUS, the Black one had silver hardware and the red had Gold. They were in the SoHo store in NYC.
  14. i too am interested in a steamer bag. thanks for all the info in this thread!
  15. Londonholly! :graucho: We're all waiting to see your 40cm steamer... a modelling shot would be fantastic too, for size comparison purposes... :sweatdrop:

    Rishin > I saw a 45 Epi Steamer in Mandarin today at Sydney's Castlereagh St store :wtf: WOW. Is all I could say. And you're right, the structure is very rigid. In my opinion, the Epi steamer is nothing like the canvas ones in spirit, and not really my style. But a remarkeable thing to see, and in Mandarin no less :drool: Somebody go and buy this rare thing! (Approx $11,500AUD).