Monogram Speedy or Monogram Beverly?

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  1. I'm considering to add a Monogram purse, and I like handheld purses. However, there's a LOT of monogram speedys out there, which makes me a little weary about purchasing one, which is I'm consdering the Beverly MM. What do you guys think?
  2. They're both totally different looks. I personally prefer the speedy.
  3. Yes, there are a lot of speedys out there, but I love my Speedy 25 and I carry it regardless of anyone else because it is so great! I am not a huge fan of the Beverly -- so I would recommend the Speedy.
  4. Speedy!
  5. The speedy is great, it will never go out of style! Isn't the Beverly a shoulder bag? I'd say if you like hand held bags, definitely go for the speedy.
  6. Beverly!!!
  7. OOO!! I want you to get both!! Speedy is ONLY hand held and Beverly MM is def. a shoulder bag!!

    get both! ooooook- if you had to choose only one - pick SPEEDY b/c you like handheld bags!
  8. Thank you ladies - I might get both. :smile: But I hafta get that new wallet with that push-lock on the front. :smile:
  9. I like the Beverly MM a lot more. :yes:
  10. Speedy..then get a keychain or bandeau to tie on it. I'm not a huge fan of the push lock on the Beverly.
  11. Speedy speedy speedy.......
  12. speeeeedddyyyyyyy!
  13. i prefer the speedy. :heart:
  14. get speedy if you like handheld. I personally am shoulder bag person and bought beverly mm and also gave my damier speedy 30 to my mum. I love the eugenie wallet that matches the beverly style too and had a look instore. They are really great functional wallets.
  15. speedy!