monogram speedy..but the mc model???

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  1. I was at Holt Renfrew and i saw a women with a brown monogram speedy 30....but in the MC speedy model...i dont think i ever saw that before....fake right?
    But it was a shock because it was at Holt Renfrew and like ..she looked rich the women....????
    maybe custom made?:push:
  2. I don't think they have SO for the "regular" style speedy in MC. So I'd say it's a fake.
  3. hmm..yeah i guess it was a bad i could'nt see from close.
  4. ^^OOPS! I just re-read your post and I misunderstood you. I thought it was the other way around (MC in the mono speedy 30 style).

    Hmmm.....IDK about this now.....maybe a SO?
  5. but there IS a Multicolore Speedy :yes:, and it's one of the most common Multicolore bags running around

  6. What she's describing is this style of speedy in a BROWN MONOGRAM.
  7. I saw that once, too. Totally fake!!
  8. yeah i think she means a mono speedy with all the blingy-ness hardware lol.
  9. so fake lol
  10. wow strange I saw the exact same bag yesterday definately fake
  11. I saw one too last Saturday............except it was in azur
  12. wow. way fake!
  13. omg! a lady came into my work with the same exact thing. however, i DID get a close look at it... cause my bartender and i always stare and authenticate LVs carried by customers during our spare time.. anyways...

    the one i saw had FEET!!! not the metal corners.. but FEET LIKE ON THE FAKE SPEEDIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :busted
  14. I've seen fakes of that exact bag before. Orangy plastic vachetta and everything. Quite a sight!
  15. I've seen that fake too. UGLY!